Board of Directors

Glacier National Park Conservancy Board of DirectorsThanks to our excellent board members for their dedicated work and commitment to the Glacier National Park Conservancy. The Conservancy is guided by a group of volunteer directors who are private citizens and civic leaders.

Board Members

  • Andersen, Zak
  • Barlow, Diane and David Laney
  • Bennet, Rick (Treasurer)
  • Berry, Carl
  • Chickering, Karen and Nick
  • Corrigan, Sue
  • Donovan, John
  • Epstein, Larry
  • McKee, Jeanette
  • McCarthy, Trisha
  • Notley, Margaret
  • Nystuen, Bob (Vice Chair)
  • Olson, Greg (Secretary)
  • Patterson, Tony
  • Pickeral, David
  • Raudabaugh, Joseph
  • Robertson, Mary
  • Stein, Cathy and Mo
  • Trousdale, David
  • Wheeler-Johnson, Frederica
  • Worm, Darrell (Chair)