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Support Us with a Tree of Remembrance

When you purchase a memorial tree, we will send a beautiful certificate to the recipient that explains who purchased the memorial tree for them and in which portion of the park the tree was planted. In addition, we will add their name to the appropriate list of recipients below. While ecological concerns and other factors do not allow us to mark each tree with the recipient’s name, you can feel proud knowing that you had a direct hand in the reforestation of one of America’s most beautiful places. By supporting the memorial tree fund, not only are you giving a priceless gift to your loved one, you also give a gift to the entire world. If you purchase a grove of 10 or more trees, we can arrange for a special memorial planting ceremony with a park horticulturist or a representative of the Fund.


Trees of Remembrance


Purchase a Tree of Remembrance in honor or in memory of your loved ones, and play a role in helping Glacier National Park maintain its ecosystem.

  • Designation: (Name will appear "In Honor Of" or "In Memory Of" on certificate). Include both first and last name.
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