DonorWe sincerely thank all the people who have so generously supported The Glacier National Park Fund and Glacier Association over the years. No matter how you have made your donation; whether you’ve given directly to either organization, purchased items at our stores, attended a fundraiser, purchased the Glacier National Park specialty license plates, purchased a Memorial Tree or dropped some money into one of our collection boxes, every dollar we receive helps to make possible the important work of preserving and restoring Glacier National Park.

Due to the varying ways that donors gave to the former organizations, we will acknowledge all contributions in January 2014 when we have finished our first year as a new organization.

We look forward to our continued partnership with all of our donors as the Glacier National Park Conservancy.

The following donors have listed the Glacier National Park Conservancy as part of their estate plan*:

  • Norman and Jean Adams
  • Bruce and Nancy Adomeit
  • Richard Andersen and Ursula Schorn
  • Matthew Baney
  • Tessie Bundick
  • Jay and Ethelyn Carr
  • Carol Coyle
  • Charles Dammann
  • Ellen deLalla
  • Jim and Kris Dorris
  • Robert and Donna Ducanis
  • Janet Flury and John Bali
  • Julie Greiner
  • Theodore Hallock
  • Barbara Hanka and Daren Striegel
  • Wilson and Charlotte Higgs
  • David Kirkland
  • William and Linda Kohlruss
  • Henry and Martha Koukol
  • Kathy McGill
  • Peter and Cassie Northrup
  • Bill Nottingham
  • Jane and Henry Ratzlaff
  • Dean Robbins
  • Thomas Sadler
  • Bonnie and Bentley Smith
  • Rosanne and Robert Stocker
  • Ann Williamson
  • Larry Wydro
  • Christopher and Cheryl Zabel

*If we have missed anyone, it might be because you have not given us permission to release or we simply do not know of your current plans for the Conservancy.