Of all the improvements and projects targeted for funding by the Conservancy, few have more potentially far-reaching influence than educational programs.  Today’s children are tomorrow’s stewards of the park and other public lands; their decision, not ours, will determine the fate of these valuable lands in coming decades.  But disturbing trends show that children are becoming increasingly disconnected with the natural world. A trend we aim to change for those within Glacier’s reach.

At the Conservancy, we fund the following:

  • “Reconnecting Children with Nature” workshops
  • Teacher to Ranger to Teacher Positions
  • Winter ecology education interns
  • Free Ranger-led field trips for youth
  • Interpretive hikes and programs
  • Programs for under-served youth
  • Discover Glacier endowment
  • Native American cultural programs
  • Educational programs for K-12
  • Busing kids to Glacier
  • Native America Speaks Program

Find out more about our 2014 Funding Priorities for Education!