support research in glacier national park

The vastness of the one-million acres, the astonishing mountains, the pristine lakes, the abundant wildlife, the glaciers and the old-growth forests make this park a prime spot for the study of flora and fauna that will have a far reaching impact. Unlike most Parks, Glacier National Park is not an island but rather surrounded by national forest, wilderness and state land. The fact that Glacier has one of the most biologically intact ecosystems bisected by the Continental Divide and linked to other wild lands, has more than 1200 species of native plants, over 240 species of birds and more than 65 species of native mammals designates Glacier as a living classroom for students of all ages. The Conservancy believes that the long-term understanding of the importance of preserving and protecting the resources within the Park begin with research while involving adults and youth with the wonders of the Park. Our citizen science project does this!

At the Conservancy, we fund the following:

  • Citizen Science programs
  • Wildlife inventory and monitoring
  • Changing vegetation research
  • Supporting research on connectivity corridors
  • Research on the ecological impact of climate change

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